Construct & Protect Your Referral NetworK

What if you don’t have time to recruit network team members, build your network and create RESIDUAL income? Your Network Management Organization (NMO) Membership Options enable you to do the work yourself or have the work done for you by us or by other members of your Managed Joint Venture.  

We Provide the Expert legal/ mediation, consulting and financial services you need to Construct, Protect and Monetize your referral network.  Your Network Management Organization (NMO)  brings together networks of professionals who are aligned with your business and maximize your referrals and income. Ask about our $100k GUARANTEE!  


PROTECT your network with your Managed Joint Venture (MJV) Members so you will NEVER START AGAIN 

MONETIZE your network with your LIBERTY SALES FUNNEL to maximize your income from Each Income Stream 

Professional Services Network – Maximize Income/  Reduce Risk  

Your  Network Management Organization (NMO) coordinates the services of your insurance, financial, legal and marketing professionals to help you focus on your PRIMARY business or licensed profession. Together, we create new businesses that are aligned with your PRIMARY Business and enable you to increase income and reduce risk.  Ask about our TPS - Virtual Financial $1,000,000 Life Insurance Network Recruiting Plan!  

Network Management Organization (NMO) Done By You, With You or For You?  

Construct, Protect and Monetize Your Professional Network so you will "Never Start Again."  

Special "$100k Guaranteed" programs for Insurance/ Financial, Legal/ and Real Estate Professionals

Your NMO coordinates the management of your insurance and legal products and services to  protect your License, Livelihood, Life and Legacy.  From the day you open for  business to the day you cash out and retire, you are protected with Total Protection Shield Insurance Brokerage Solutions. Ask about our TPS - Prepaid Legal Services programs!  

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Liberty - Virtual Financial & Insurance Group 

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