​​​Done For You (DFY) - You do 20% of the work - Subscription: $500 per month, 12 month commitment 

1. Includes all DWY services

2. Expands hours and contacts from 6  and 24 to 12 and 50
3. Quarterly Reports (from CRM) - Track 3 levels to create network of over 200 members and at least $20,000 per month ( 200 @ $100 per month = $20,000 per month).  

4.  Focus on Primary Business and organizing four (4) cooperating network members into a Managed Joint Venture which will give you a clear path and action plan to earning at least $20,000 per year.  


1. Basic - Teach You To (TYT) - Do it yourself

2. Done With You (DWY) - You do 60% of the work 

3. Done For You (DFY) - You do 20% of the work 

4. Managed Joint Venture (MJV) - Manage a JV of Professionals who commit to referring clients to each other through their NMO-managed referral network.  Ask about our $100K Performance Guarantee 

​​​​​​​Managed Joint Venture (MJV) -

1. $5,000 per JV partner (for a 20% equity stake in the Newco) includes 12 month membership in the DFY program.  

2. NMO Managed JV of 5 - 12 Professionals in the same referral network.  Each MJV member commits to referring clients to the other MJV members using the NMO and Lberty Sales Funnel.  

3. All referrals are tracked and organized for assignment to other MJV Members, each of whom is focused on building their Primary Business and referral network. 

4.  $150k Performance Guarantee  - built on the foundation of the Guaranty Issuing Company's (e.g. LOL) Performance Guarantee.  NMO reduces the cost of the Guarantee and provides each MJV member with new opportunities to build their Primary Business while creating new Intellectual Property and other sources of residual income

5. Specialized NMC services organize powerful referral networks for real estate, insurance/ financial and legal professionals.  Customized program organizes the flow of referrals from Realtor to Mortgage to Insurance/P&C to Life Insurance to Legal Professionals.  

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Done With You (DWY) - You do 60% of the work - Subscription: $250 per month, 12 month commitment 

1. Includes all the services from TYT 

2. Expands hours and contacts from 2 hours and 8 contacts to 6 hours and 24 contacts 

3. Monthly and Quarterly Reports (from CRM)

4. Network Construction, Protection and Monetization strategic planning to include at least 5 DFY members who have money and contacts, but no time to create additional residual income.  

  1. ​​​​​​Basic - Teach You To (TYT) - Do it yourself - $100 per month, 3 month commitment 
  2. You subscribe to Shopping Sherlock and receive coaching and training from a Top Income Earner and the help you need to help 4 get 4 while you focus on using Sherlock to promote your primary business 
  3. Contact List Builders - 3 Month Free ($60 value) included with your Basic: Train You To (TYT) do it yourself services.  With your initial commitment of 3 months, you will have a 3 month free trial to Contact List Builders (CLB) and a community of entrepreneurs who use internet marketing and affiliate marketing to generate leads and sell products on line.  As a member of the Liberty Sales Funnel (which starts with Shopping Sherlock), you will also have access to the CLB-Sherlock program which helps you use Sherlock to generate leads and get prospects into your sales funnel. We are so fortunate to have (CLB President) Janet Legere on our team.  Janet has been winning lots of praise from Sherlock leadership and, when you start working with her, you will know why!!
  4. Receive a $30 rebate on your 3 month subscription to The Conversion Pros and receive coaching and training from a Top Income Earner who will help you use your Sherlock app, coupon and TCP capture pages and autoresponders to promote your primary business while you create multiple income streams with the Liberty Sales Funnel (starting with Sherlock, CLB, TCP and your Network Management Organization which ties it all together into a single Liberty Sales Funnel)  
  5. You select your Primary Business and we identify your top 5 to 20 Vendors, Prospects, Colleagues and Referral Sources  who make money from you and your referral network.  We organize your referral network so that potential team members who make money from you, now make money with you.
  6. Your Network Management Consultant (NMC) organizes your network with a CRM system and contacts each prospect by phone, text, email and other means and attempts to bring them into your business. 
  7. Basic service includes up to 2 hours per month allocated in 15 minute slots or 8 contacts, whichever is more. 
  8. Each 15 minute slot can be multiplied by 4 where 4 team members could benefit from sharing the one client or recruit. In that case, the 1 hour call (instead of 15 minutes) will leverage 1 client relationship to benefit up to 5 members and increase your conversion ratios exponentially