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4.  NMO keeps you focused on Your Primary Business and the Affiliate Web Site and Proprietary Sales Funnel provided by your Primary Business.  Sherlock, Conversion Pros, VFG, Legal Shield; Saivian and most Network and Affiliate Marketing Companies have their own sales funnels.  With the NMO, we control the flow of data through your proprietary sales funnel to create additional income streams out of the same data so that you will "Never Start Again!"

The Realtor and preferred profesionals in the Realtor's network are connected by the Network Management Consultant using the Liberty Sales Funnel.  The Funnel connects several systems and processes in a specific order, following a "secret recipe!"  The recipe includes: 

1. A Free Mobile app that connects your referral source with you and your network members.  Everyone wants to save money.  With the Liberty - Shopping Sherlock app, you will learn how to give out the free app which will bring prospects to your contact information, capture page, auto-responder, website and promotional coupon.  And, they see all of this BEFORE they get to use the app to go shopping and save money.  With 4 members in your network, you are in profit 

2. Duplicate-able Web Capture Pages and Auto-Responder email and text campaigns.  With Liberty - Contact List Builder/ Conversion Pros you will learn how to configure your Sherlock app to get more clients when they put their information into your capture page . You then, automatically, stay in touch with your prospect with an auto-responder campaign that automatically sends them email messages every few days, as scheduled by you.  This helps you stay in front of the prospect on a regular basis and give them the opportunity to either join you or ask questions.  If they ask questions, they are one step closer to joining your business.  

It took over 1,000 years for someone to recognize the connection between coin minting and wine pressing.  That person was Gutenberg who put these two things together to create the Printing Press!  

3.  Network Management Organization (NMO) with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System.  This is where we make the VALUABLE connections that result in personal referrals.  This is how your Network Management Consultant helps you build your business by harnessing the power of personal referrals and exponential growth. 

This is where we help you grow your PRIMARY Business while creating new income streams for you.  All you do is refer your clients to the NMO after confirming that they would like a Consultation with a Network Management Consultant (NMC).  The NMC then coordinates each referral with a designated Expert for each business that comprises the Liberty Sales Funnel. In most cases, the Expert has been qualified as a multiple six figure income earner from THAT business which is designated as the Expert's Primary Business.  So, for example, when a new member is interested in joining Sherlock, the NMC refers that member to a top income earner in Sherlock.  If a member is interested in financial literacy and life insurance, the NMC refers that member to the President of Virtual Financial Group (VFG) which is giving each of our members the opportunity to build significant annual incomes by helping life insurance clients become educated about insurance products that enable them to grow wealth for retirement and protect their families without risking principal.  As you learn more about financial literacy, you may want consider Liberty - Virtual Financial Group (VFG) as your PRIMARY business.  



While we don't claim to be as smart as Gutenberg, Liberty creates connections between insurance, financial, legal and real estate and accounting professional services.  ALL of these professionals needs a professional liability (E&O) insurance policy.  ALL of these professionals and their vendors, colleagues and clients needs to protect their families and their License, Livelihood, Life and Legacy. They need a TOTAL PROTECTION SHIELD that connects their life insurance and financial services with their legal and accounting services.  Every time a Realtor has a client, that Realtor's client can become a client for each of these professionals.  But who should the Realtor refer the client to?